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Here you have the possibility to get to know better and to acquire Wampelartikel Wampel.

For example you can purchase a special Wampel children's book, which aims to help children to better cope in this huge world. In the children's books comes to a Wampel, it shows how close dream or fantasy world and real world lie down together.

It embarks on an adventure trip to Wampelonia, where everything is possible and nothing is "normal". Trees talk, evil beings try Wampel lure into a trap.

A fairy helps him and Wampel finds a treasure, namely himself. Wampel is gender neutral.

With the books we want to send the message that children should have confidence, no matter what gender or what you look like. You should feel strong and in Geffahrensituationen as sexual assault or before it can go as far to know what they are doing können.Weil parents have the greatest influence on our kids and they can best protect you if you playfully through child-friendly stories and on way deal with the children such difficult issues, we offer at the end of stories to a part of the parents. In this educational focus, the book erklärt.In the first part, Wampel be says: "Danke für's Doofsein" it comes to the issue: to pull off stupid things something good, not go along with each and dare to act to run away, screaming, etc., and on the subject of rules and how they are more fun when they are set up together with children and provide security.

We will still bring out more Wampelbände, each relating to different sensitive issues.

With Wampel it is now time to go on adventures and playful integrated themes of children everyday aufzugreifen.Dabei it can be much easier for our favorite little tykes in difficult life situations.

Because you can protect them better by know better.

But Wampel is especially fun.


So you wampelt the world know how you like it.

Yoga for mothers

I am not a Yoga teacher. I’ve only attended about 3 Yoga classes although my gym offers Yoga classes. So, why am I writing about Yoga when I know nothing about it? I am curious – that’s my nature. And through the years, this curiosity has helped me develop a career as a freelance graphic designer and writer. And it is through a very weird type of Yoga (my own type, or whatever I thought was Yoga at that point in time) that helped me swim ashore when I was teetering between drowning in the sea of depression after giving birth to my sons. 


Both times, I was hit badly and constantly turned to the bottle for a solution. The bottle never will be a solution and yet, I hoped it would be.


Yoga and the soon-to-be-mother

There’s all this hype about Yoga that I didn’t fully understand before – what’s all this clamor about Yoga for pregnancy?? What’s the big deal? You have a big belly, retch half the time, have a sudden liking for pickle and have to wear your husband’s clothing….you need Yoga to help you deal with all that?


But of course, I only began the understand the benefits of Yoga as a mother when I started going for the classes, read about them in books, magazines and websites. This amazing method can help mothers regain their physical strength and sends them into a journey of self-discovery and improvement. Instead of helping you deal with others, in Yoga, everything starts from within. Therefore, to solve a problem, you have to go inside. 


And inside a mother, it’s always a battle zone…and it’s tumultuous half the time. Pizza or no pizza? Sex or no sex tonight? What kind of mother will I be? Will I sprain my own child’s fingers when I try to put his/her clothes on? With the kind of bizarre thinking (and hormones) going on inside our mind and our body, mothers often have a  difficulty finding peace. Your doctor will tell you time and time again that although nutrition is important, finding peace, quiet and calm in yourself and in your life is just important for an expectant mother. 



I don’t know about you…but I am going for more classes because I have seen the benefits. Yoga can do a whole lot for the ordinary non-married kidless people….imagine what it can do for a mother.


Yoga for the regular mother


Considering the fact that Yoga can help bring calm into calamity, it’s obviously a good choice for you to try out Yoga if you’re thinking of starting an exercise program. Better yet, join a gym…which is what I did. I used to scoff at people who join gyms and judging from the loud dance music, I remember thinking to myself… “Yikes…gym is just a sorry excuse for a disco. Instead of serving peanuts, they serve fruit mixes. Instead of alcohol, they serve bottled water. But everyone’s trying to get into a social thing in the gym. It’s a social club!”


And as a mother, I don’t have the time to join a social club. 


But I was wrong. As soon as I gave the 10-day free classes trial, I was hooked. No makeup, no dressup (oh, the younger gym-goers still dress up to the nines and apply mascara for gym) and no pretense. I go to the gym and attend the Yoga class to sweat – to end up looking ugly but feeling damn good!


Mothers can open up their minds and free up their hearts after Yoga

Yoga has this tranquilizing effect on people that can hardly be explained with words. It has to be felt. It’s like you’re striking those poses, stretching those muscles and bending over backwards…and all this while, your mind is opening up and all impure thoughts are just flying out of it. 


Yoga can be like ‘taking out the trash’. 


And this can be good for the whole family, especially the kids, as well. After a session of uninterrupted Yoga, you’ll feel renewed. Even a grumpy, sleeping, tired and beaten-out mother will have more energy to spend time with the kids. Instead of feeling disgruntled and trapped, a mother can use Yoga to actually find an opening, a release that helps relax, not only the body, but the mind as well. 




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Christmas Day

Christmas Day


The Christmas season and all its activities are geared to the big day, 

Dec. 25, which is Christmas Day. The word Christmas is derived from Middle 

English 'Christemasse' and Old English 'Cristes maesse,' both of which means 

'Christ's Mass.' The day is celebrated by Christians as the day that Jesus 

Christ was born, although the true date of Jesus' birth isn't really known.

Given the religious significance of Christmas Day, it therefore follows 

that attending church is a big tradition on that day. It is seen as mandatory 

for devout Christians and for others who are concerned about retaining the 

sacred meaning of the day. Many people fear that the sacred aspects of Christmas 

are being lost and overshadowed amid the bustle of commercial activity now 

associated with the entire season.


Church services therefore take place early on Christmas morning. Attending 

those services is the first official activity that many people do on Christmas 

Day. Unlike the Midnight Mass and other earlier church services on Christmas 

Eve, Christmas Day services do not usually include the dramatization of the 

birth of Jesus. They may be more subdued with a sermon that recounts the birth 

of Jesus and his purpose to save mankind. The congregation is then exalted to be 

as giving as Jesus and to help out those who are in need. 

Consequently, many people will take some time on Christmas Day to 

volunteer in a charitable activity such as serving dinner to the poor and hungry 

at a church, charitable organization or other social services center. Others 

will also work with charitable organizations to distribute toys to needy 

children at shelters, hospitals and other places.


As part of the religious aspect of Christmas Day, groups that sing Christmas 

carols will also be out very early on Christmas morning. 

Although Christmas Dinner is the most significant meal of the day, a large 

breakfast will also be served in most households that will be shared by all 

family members. The occasion of all family members having a meal together is a 

disappearing tradition in many American households and so Christmas is seen as a 

perfect time to return to the tradition. Christmas Day after all, is all about 

family, sharing and togetherness.




Throughout the day, greetings of 'Merry Christmas' will be exchanged by 

telephone calls with family, friends, acquaintances, and loved ones who are 

located elsewhere in the country and overseas. It is a common occurrence for so 

many people to be trying to make international calls to loved ones and friends 

on Christmas Day that telephone communication systems to some countries often 

are overwhelmed. The availability of technology and the Internet eases that 

somewhat nowadays however, as emails and instant messaging can also be used as 

other communication channels to exchange greetings on Christmas Day.

Christmas Day Dinner is undoubtedly the central activity of the day. Family and 

friends gathered for dinner take pleasure in enjoying and sharing a delicious 

meal and also are mindful and thankful for the opportunity to be able to share 

the meal, to have each other and for the material things that make their lives 

comfortable and give them happiness. 


Some of those material things are then shared in absolute delight as everyone 

will gather around or near to the Christmas tree after dinner to exchange and 

open Christmas presents. It's an activity that is relished and which is filled 

with much laughter, happy chatter and merriment, especially by children who are 

usually much delighted to get a toy that they had wished for.

After dinner and the exchange of presents, adults may have light conversations, 

play games or even watch a movie. Children are often taken up with experimenting 

or playing with their new toys. It has also become a tradition on Christmas Day 

for members of some families, such as teenagers and young adults, to end 

Christmas Day by attending the movie theater on Christmas evening or Christmas 

night to see a recently released film.

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Drugs and Alcohol: Talking To Your Kids

Drugs and Alcohol: Talking To Your Kids

Drugs and alcohol statistics for children are frightening.  For example, did you know that nationwide, 32.2 percent of children have drunk their first alcoholic drink before they were 13 years old.  11.3 percent of students have had their first experience with marijuana prior to the age of 13.   Eighty-one percent of students have had more than one drink of alcohol in their lifetime.  The numbers continue to show that middle school children on up are highly exposed to drugs and alcohol.  Yet, the fact is, these are difficult subjects to talk with a child.  How will you find the right words to say to show your child that drugs and alcohol are catastrophic to their life?

Start At A Young Age

Most of the statistic show that children are first exposed to smoking, drugs and alcohol at a young age, usually during middle school. It can happen sooner than this, too.  The key is to start talking to your child as soon as you can. This often requires talking to your child by the time they are ten about what alcohol and drugs are and why they are bad. When you do bring up the subject, there are a few tips that can help you through it.

1. Talk to them, don't threaten or berate them.  Children are willing to listen to you and learn from you, especially if they are young. If you explain to them what is bad they will be more receptive.

2. Realize that school may have already brought the subject up, but you may not know what they have said.  Talk to your child about what they have heard or learned in school.

3. Let them ask questions.  Be open and responsive about the questions they have. Answering them will help your child to realize that drugs and alcohol really are a bad thing.

4. Teach your children about peer pressure.  Tell them they will get asked.  Teach them what to do in a realistic form. If you tell them to just say no, they may not know how to keep up the act. 

5. Do some role playing. You be the one offering the drugs while children are playing themselves.  Try to be insistent so that they know how to get out of the worst situations.

Keep It Up

Although you have planted the seed at a young age, you will need to continue talking with your child about alcohol and drugs throughout their life.  This process does not slow over time either.  As teens, they will need reminding of how to back out of situations.  You will need to explain to them, at this point, why drugs hurt and what they can do to you.  You may want to sit down with them and watch a documentary on television. On the other hand, you may want to tell them personal stories about your experiences.

Relating to older children is important.  Most just want to do the right thing but may be unsure of why the wrong thing is that bad. As a parent you will need to also learn to spot the signs of drug and alcohol abuse. If you smell cigarettes, don't let it pass believing it was the other child. If you don't know why their eyes are bloodshot or they are always tired ask.  Children that stop doing things that they once enjoyed doing may be experiencing some signs of drug use.

Whenever you find yourself facing the question of "is my child doing drugs or drinking alcohol" step back and hold back. Think about the right away to approach them. Physicians warn that if parents plan a steady role, a reassuring role and one of concern, they will get the answers they need. If they play the role of a dictator, children are more likely to go into the problem further.

Drugs and alcohol are some of the most difficult of subjects to talk with a child about.  By bringing them up early and really staying on top of them, you and your child can find yourself in a much safer place.  Keeping your child safe is worth a few talks and it can help improve your relationship with them, too.

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Car Seat Safety: Upgrading Your Car Seat

Your baby's first car seat will help bring them home from the hospital. The moment they are placed in that vehicle, their life depends on the proper function of care seats. Some estimates are that 50 to 60 percent of car seats are not installed properly and are therefore not protecting the child from potential injury if the vehicle was involved in an accident. Learning how to put the car seat in place is as simple as following the directions provided with the seat.  But, are you choosing the right car seat for your child?

The First Car Seat

The first car seat purchased for your child must accommodate the child's smaller size. Later, you will need to insure the car seat is big enough for your child, but for newborns, it is extremely important to choose a car seat that can accommodate their small size. All car seats sold in the United States are labeled with size limitations and requirements. The government requires that the seats be tested for their ability to protect your child and the sizing is determined from these tests. 

The first car seats will fit into your vehicle as rear facing seats.  This protects the baby from impact strain and from the child hitting the windshield in an accident. Rear facing seats only have a design to accommodate a child up to 20 pounds and should never be in a vehicle with a child in them larger than this.

Upgrading Your Car Seat

The first purchase of a car seat will likely be your largest investment. Many of today's car seats will grow with your child during their first year of life, being used in different ways as the child grows. Yet, most people will need to upgrade the car seat at some point over the next few years.

Choose a car seat based on the baby's height and weight:

• Children in rear facing seats should be below 20 pounds.

• In a convertible car seat, children can remain in a rear facing position until they are about one year old, though the weight limit of the car seat must be in consideration.

• Keep the child's head at least one inch below the top at least one inch from the top of the car seat in any rear facing car seat.

• The child's ears should be below the top of the car seat in all front facing seats.

As you upgrade the car seat to a larger or more fitting sized seat, keep those guidelines in mind. Remember too that all car seats are required to list the maximum weight of the child within it. Follow directions specifically on how to keep your child safe in these seats.

Tips For Car Seat Selection And Use

Take the time to read the owner's manual of any car seat you purchase to insure that you are using the seat properly. Five-point harness protection is one of the most important features of car seats.  This means that there are five points that when aligned properly are holding your child in place.

Don't purchase used car seats. These seats could have been misused or worse. You should also insist on the owner's manual for any car seat you do purchase used.  If it is not available or you have lost the manual in the past, go to the manufacturer's website to download a copy of it. Most companies will provide you with this information as long as you know the name of the car seat or model number.

In most situations, car seats are safe from the day they are sold. Over time, there could be additional testing down that warrants a recall on the car seat.  To stay up to date on any potential recalls, do sign up and register your car seat with the manufacturer (generally done right online.)  This will allow you to be alerted of any changes and updates needed.

As you consider a car seat, avoid choosing one based on features and the look of it. Instead, look at the safety it can provide to your child.

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Caring for Children with Special Needs

When it comes to caring for children with special needs, there are different approaches you will need to take. As a parent or caregiver, you may need to treat the special needs child different from an ordinary child, depending on what their needs are. It can be difficult for many parents, especially when they first find out or when they feel like they are going through this alone.

Caring for children with special needs mean facing many obstacles and challenges that can be difficult at times. These children need extra attention that can take up much of your time. There are numerous hours required for medical appointments and hospitals visits and some children even require regular therapy sessions.

When you are caring for a child with special needs you not only have to consider the present but you must also think about the future. What will happen to that child if you were to become sick or if you are involved in an accident? As you age you may no longer be physically able to care for them but they may still need assistance. As important as the here and now is, the future must be considered.

Part of planning for the future includes taking steps to teach that child as much as they are capable of learning now. You will work with them to help them achieve independence and teach them the basic skills needed to survive but that still may not be enough. It will depend on their disabilities and they may always need someone to be there and help care for them. Take the time now to plan for the future and it will help to relieve some of your worries.

Resources for Special Needs

What resources exist for children with special needs? When your child was diagnosed with a disability or other issue, you were probably told then that there are many resources available for special needs. But you may be surprised to find out how many different options really exist for you out there. Search for resources for special needs with:

• Doctors
• Therapists
• School
• Online resources
• Online support groups
• Local support groups
• Books
• Videos/ DVDs
• Other parents and caregivers

These are just a few of many places you may be able to find more info about your child’s special need and what is available to help you.

When you are caring for a child with special needs don’t hesitate to use any of the resources designed for children with special needs. It’s a difficult task and no one expects you to go it alone. You should never feel like you have to deal with it all on your own, especially when there are so many people out there who know what you’re going through and so many resources to make it easier.

Seeking Help with Special Needs

As a parent, the more you learn about special needs and what options are available to you, the better prepared you will be to give your child the help they need and deserve. Don’t hesitate to seek help with the special needs of the one in your care. There are people out there more qualified and more experienced than you in this type of problem and they can help show you the ropes and gives you hints, tips and ideas for how to better care for your child.

As a parent or caregiver for a child with special needs you will spend countless hours worrying about your child and doing all that you can to comfort them. Many people spend sleepless nights simply listening and watching over the child so they will be right there in the event they are needed during the night.

Parents and caregivers of children with special needs display extraordinary strength and courage when caring for these kids. They focus all of their attention on the child and do all they can to nurture and protect them in every way. In the end, the most important thing is that you give your child the best opportunities available, regardless of what types of special needs they may have. In the end, caring for children with special needs can be one of the most rewarding experiences you ever have.