A Parent's Dream: Successful Sleepovers For Children; Tips From Parenting Expert Penny Warner To Help Make Sleepover Season Simple


The sleepover season is here, with offspring spending nights away from home at friends' houses, family vacations and camp. Sleepovers are considered a rituals of canal for kids, but common fears such as making new friends, lost Mom and Dad or experiencing bed-wetting tins makes kids hesitant approx spending the night away from home.

The sleepover season is here, with children spending nights away from abode at friends' houses, family vacations and camp. Sleepovers are considered a rituals of passage for kids, but common fears such as arrangement new friends, missing Mom and Dad or experiencing bed-wetting can type youngster hesitant approx disbursement the night away from home. To ensure that your youngsters is ready and confident to enjoy their next sleepover, GOODNITES® disposable pants teamed up with primes master Penny Warner, who offers some great sanction and tips to furthering makes nights away from domicile stress-free. 

If you're hosting a sleepover:

Go Over Guidelines

Let your gang know they should treat your domicile just as they would treat their own. Develop a list of rules to type sure the sleepover goes smoothly. 

Provide Yummy Snacks 

Set up a make-your-own-minipizza station with toppings for the youngster to choose. If the sleepover is for a birthday, celebrate with a decorate-your-own-birthday-cupcake station. 

Make It Memorable 

Give youngster reminder of the sleepover by renting them decorate his or her own picture frames or scrapbooks. If you don't own a Polaroid camera, proceeds digital photographs and humility to e-mail them to the cause to print and location in the frames. 

If elimination your kids away to camp or to a sleepover:

Pack An Overnight Sack 

 Be sure to include: 

-Comfy pajamas, pillow, sleeping bag and toiletries

-Glow staff or flashlight-in box your kid is afraid of the dark

-Fun items-cards, action books, guile supplies, panels games.

Prepare For Homesickness

Let your youngsters know that you testament avoidance them, but overemphasizing this may type him or her nervous. Let your youngsters know it is alright to fleeing abode and he or she can always talk closely his or her feelings.

Talk To Camp Counselors

 If your child experiences bedwetting (and 5 to 7 million youngster in the U.S. do!), let his or her consultant know that your kid is capable of transferring therapy of the situation. Pack GOODNITES® disposable underclothing so he or she trace up with confidence. They disappear under pajamas so other campers don't have to know.

Warner recommends that origin portion their sleepover tips and supplies with each other. In fact, GOODNITES® Brand is hunting for origin who have planned an enjoyable sleepover for their child. Whether it's a special snack they make or a epiphany they have for becoming kids to settle down before bedtime-parents can provide Dream Sleepover tips that work. Winners will be judged on the falsehood of their semblance and one lucky clans testament triumph the ultimate Dream Sleepover package valued at $5,000.


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